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Power Flushing/magnacleanse

Power Flush or Magna Cleanse Your Central Heating

Citywide Gas Services offers a fixed price power flush in the Edinburgh, Lothians and Fife area. Our current special offer is £325 and includes a power flushing of up to 10 radiators, a free Magna clean filter, and all the chemicals required. For a smaller system with only a few radiators, give us a call for an unbeatable price.

What is a power flush? It's a deep cleansing of the interior of a central heating system. It only needs to be carried out every 5 years or so, and it just takes a few hours to complete. The process clears out sludge and rust that builds up inside pipes and radiators after years of use. As the system is constructed from metal, some build-up is to be expected. Over time, the amount of rust inside the system causes some problems that are easily resolved by a power flush. Using specialist pumps and chemicals, a cleanse removes the harmful sludge allowing the water to flow freely through the radiators again.

Citywide Gas Services features a full range of plumbing, heating, and installation solutions in Edinburgh and surrounding areas. Call us today on 07990 576 760 for a free quote and special savings!

What are the Benefits of a Power Flush or MagnaCleanse?

When your central heating system is a few years old, the build-up of sludge internally will make your heating less efficient. This could mean that the boiler is working harder, and using more fuel to heat your property.

A power flush will clean the water that circulates inside your radiators and pipes, and a Magna clean filter will make sure particles don't pass through to your boiler. This will cure radiator cold spots and in turn, an evenly heated radiator will warm up a room more effectively. Water will also flow easily through the pipes to each part of the home. You should find your heating bills are lowered as a result as your boiler is more efficient and burns a smaller amount of gas each day. Another benefit is that, with less wear and tear on your system, breakdowns, and call-outs will be required less often.

Signs That Your Heating Needs a Power Flush

Recently installed central heating shouldn't need a power flush, but an older system could benefit from one. If you experience the following, you should consider calling us:

  • More noise than usual from the boiler

  • Cold spots occurring on the radiators

  • An unexplained rise in your gas bills

  • Rooms not getting as warm as they used to

If you are experiencing these issues, we can assess whether or not your heating will benefit from a power flush/Magna cleanse.

Power Cleanse Before Installing a New Boiler

Before having a new boiler installed into an existing central heating system, it's recommended that a power flush is completed. This is to stop old sludge that has built-up in the radiators from being pumped around the new boiler. With a power flushed system and a brand new boiler, your central heating will serve you well for many years.

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